pseudonym “Gix”

born 1968 in Sardinia / Italy.

A self-taught artist, he made his first oil paintings before he was 10 years old. Later he had a brief encounter with another world that taught him the craft of the quantity surveyor and he worked as a technician and draughtsman in archaeological excavations.

As he could not deny his nature, he soon dedicated himself exclusively to fine arts. He opened his first artistic studio with the painter Sandro Mandis on the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia where they created tattoos, sculptures and paintings.

At the end of the 90s, he spent cold winters on the island of Tenerife, where he painted large murals and met his future partner Jeannette.

In 2001 he moved permanently to Tenerife and opened the doors of his new artistic studio in Puerto de la Cruz / Canary Islands.

In 2008, his studio in the old fishermen’s quarter had become too small. He opened “Manufactum” in the same city, a Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery in a 240 m2 space open to the public where those interested can get in touch directly with art and its creators.

For his friend, the German scholar and author Dieter Elendt he has illustrated about 13 books and several magazine publications to date.

The drawings for the book “Der Reizende Teufel” about the play “Faust” by J.W. von Goethe were exposed in 2010 in a symposium on the literary figure in the Castle of Germerode / Germany.

He currently lives with his partner and two dogs in the Anaga Rural Park and Biosphere Reserve, transforming an old winery into a sustainable and self-sufficient home, sculpting a building with ecological and vernacular materials integrated into nature and converting the old fields into an edible forest.

With the technological advances, the artist is exploring digital art that offers him endless possibilities.

Giuliano is a vegetarian and likes to cook.