El Beso (The Kiss)

The painting is realized in Acrylics and oil paint.  It represents a couple inside what might be a castle with two oil paintings from Old Masters:

In the upper part, we can see the painting “Angelus” by Jean-François Millet, also representing a couple but they are praying in a potato field and visibly poor. Both couples/paintings have a bell tower in the background.

In the lower part, and only half visible Giuliano has reproduced the painting “Saturno devorando a su hijo” (Saturn devouring his son) by Francisco de Goya.



The Kiss painting by Giuliano Montisci


Mixed Technique

Acrylics & Oil on Canvas

150×100 cm






This painting in oil on canvas features a dreamlike scene of a fable. The princess is defended by a valiant chevalier fighting against a green dragon with wings that are far too small to fly.

Are they playing?


Oil on canvas


La vue en rose


La vue en rose


A very intimate and voyeuristic Moment.

Acrylics on canvas




Oil on canvasShe

In the arms of morpheus

Oil on canvasin the arms of morpheus

The four seasons

These four paintings are inspired by the four concerts for violin and orchestra “Le quattro stagioni” by Antonio Vivaldi





Giuliano montisci

Baile de magos

“Dance of the Magi”, Oil on canvas

baile de magos - pintura al óleo de Giuliano Montisci

Looking at you

looking at you



Oil on canvas

created in 1996, this is a very emotional painting that just happened.

Giuliano montisci


Oil on canvas

projections - oil painting by giuliano montisci


Another portrait of a couple, here in a classical pose showing off their wealth and beauty.

Painting "Estetismo" by Giuliano Montisci

Oil on canvas