the lamp

Once upon a time, there were some rests of an old van that met the rest of an old pine tree. 

And in my hands fused and now give light as a lamp.



The Mask 1

The death of a beautiful blue-blooming Jacaranda tree may not remain unforgotten.







the Mask 2

Inspired by the Minkondi figures from African Kongo tribes, pierced by nails they are fetiches that serve to hunt liars, thieves and other evil.







the mask 3

A witch’s face.


Photography by JuanMi Márquez

Model unknown…


Foo dog

Bas-relief carved in wood.

Foo dogs are the sculptures that sit at the entrances of many Asian residences, Bank buildings, Post offices and nuclear power stations.

They are reputed to recognize the owner and scare off


Foo Dog






Sculptures by Giuliano Montisci

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